We are excited to introduce our latest developments incorporating: Residential, Commercial, Mixed-Use, Affordable Housing, Market Rate Housing and Public/Private Partnerships.
Georgia Crossing 5760 Georgia Avenue NW
218 Cedar Street 218 Cedar Street NW
Takoma Junction 7221 Carroll Ave & City Parking Lot, Takoma Park, MD
Minnesota & 27th Minnesota Avenue & 27th Street SE
Eastern & Sheriff View
1100 Eastern 1100 Eastern Avenue NE
Benning Market
3451 Benning Road 3451 Benning Road NE
3443 Benning Road
3443 Benning Road 3443 Benning Road NE
3450 Eads Front Elevation
3450 Eads 3450 Eads Street NE


We are pleased with the success of these past projects and our involvement with these communities.
1164 Bladensburg 1164 Bladensburg Ave NE
Bowen Flats
Bowen Flats 2620 Bowen Road SE
Warder Street NW
The Warder 3542 Warder Street NW
4308 Georgia Avenue
4308 Georgia 4308 Georgia Avenue NW
4326 1 Square
4326 Georgia 4326 Georgia Avenue NW
New York Avenue NW
CityVista 5 & K Streets
CityCenter DC 11th & New York Avenue
The Lofts at Brightwood 5832 Georgia Avenue NW
The Residences at Georgia Avenue 4100 Georgia Avenue NW
699 Lamont Street NW
3232 Georgia 3232 Georgia Avenue NW
2142 O 2142 O Street NW
The Dawson 1816 19th Street NW
Columbia Court 1225 Fairmont Street NW
New Plaza 1115 12th Street NW
Nova Vitalis 1106/1108 Columbia Road NW
Lamont Street Lofts 701 Lamont Street NW
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