We create and own exciting, high-quality residential real estate. We have produced over 40 projects in the DC metropolitan area totaling over 570,000 square feet. We pride ourselves on our world-class projects and commitment to residents and partners.

Since our beginning in 1999, our story has been one of hard work, commitment, and growth. Our namesake comes from a simple purpose: to develop neighborhoods that people love. Being able to transform a community while respecting its existing fabric is at the heart of every development we undertake. Our projects aid diversity in lifestyles, incomes, and cultures, contributing to the richness of each neighborhood. The relationships we help to build continue long after our projects are complete.

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a place where they can thrive, so we are committed to providing a diversity of products, from urban mixed-use, to boutique condominiums, to affordable housing. As a developer, builder, and owner, sustainability is at the core of our designs.

Today, Neighborhood Development Company has grown in staff and pipeline. In fact, in 2015, Washington Business Journal named us one of the Washington region’s “Fastest Growing Companies.” Underlying this growth is a shared vision: to be the best creator and owner of urban infill real estate in the world. By the best we don’t mean the biggest, but rather, the leader in quality, speed, design, customer service, and employee satisfaction.


Courage to make dreams realities. Imagination to exceed the status quo. Teamwork and commitment to shared goals. Integrity in all that we do. Excellence in quality and achievement. 

Sustainability Vision
It is our responsibility as a developer to preserve our environment and resources. We take personal ownership in the earth’s resources by building sustainability efforts into our design and development process.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be the best creator and owner of urban infill real estate in the world.